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   The “Milkfish Cultural Festival” has exhibited what Mituo is. It is not only a place symbolized by milk fish; it is also a combination of oceanic culture and natural beauty.
 Yes, this is a diversified place. Taiwan’s shadow show originated here. The Wu family’s vintage house is three centuries old. It witnesses the township’s development and prosperity. Straw mats, leaf hats and other traditional handicraft industries laid down the economical foundation. And that is how local inhabitants lived during the past centuries.
 As to natural resources, the badland in Mount Tahti is a rarity. Also, visit the mangroves in fish farms on the coast. Look at the afterglow and egrets in the seaside garden. Stroll around the Nanliao fishing port, order a milkfish meal and wait for the cook to do the dish on the spot……
 Along the Tai-17 route of the coastal highway, you hit Mituo. Slow down and take a breath around the simple but ancient place. You will sense a mixture of cultural and natural flavors.
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