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Mituo Cultural Train
  “Mituo Cultural Train”,a one-day journey around the Mituo township
  Suggested route
  Mituo Cultural Park → Mount Tahti & site of Niaosung culture →  Tingchuo leaf hats 
→ Miso Temple → Wu family’s ancient house → Kuechiahsiang soya sauce shop 
→ shadow show by Fushingko and Yonghsinglo → a lunch of fish balls and rice noodle 
→ tourist fishing market at Nanliao fishing port → mangroves and fish farms in wetlands 
→ Seaside garden & a milkfish dinner → a coffee house along the coast 
→ Gongshan or Luchu exchange on the Chungshan Freeway
◆Hotels in adjacent areas
 Mituo does not have adequate hotels. But it is only 35 minutes’ drive from the Kaohsiung city. Or, you can stay for the night in the Gongshan or Luchu township.
◎ Love Tours Business Motel (a motel) Gongshan township, Kaohsiung county (07)6245599
◎ Ambassador Hotel (a two-star hotel) Gongshan township, Kaohsiung county (07)6217126
◎ Feng Yuan Hotel(a three-star hotel) Luchu township, Kaohsiung county (07)6964708
◎ Hong Pin Hotel Luchu township, Kaohsiung county (07)6963116

◆Restaurants in Mituo
These restaurants offer milk fish dinners:
◎ Nanliao Fresh Seafood Tel:(07)6175401
◎ Top-notch Fresh Seafood Tel:(07)6106677
◎ Hsiang Pin Seafood Restaurant Tel:(07)6191183
◎ Fu Soon House Tel:(07)6175087
◆Gas stations in Mituo
  ◎Yung Fa gas station/160 Yencheng Main Street, Yencheng,(07)6170809
It opens 06:00 to 24:00 everyday.
◎Mituo gas station/138 Yencheng Main Street, Yencheng,(07)6170287
It opens 06:00 to 22:00 everyday.
◎Nanliao gas station/73 Fishery Road, Nanliao,(07)6109961
It opens 09:00 to 18:00 everyday.
◆Tour spots in adjacent townships
  ◎”Museum of the Shadow Show” in Gongshan, Kaohsiung,(07)6262620
This is the only museum Taiwan of shadow shows.
Closing days: Monday and Tuesday morning.
◎There are several fishing ports in the neighboring townships, namely Hsingta in Chietin, Hsingong in Yong-an and Kochailiao in Ziguan. They all have holiday tourist fish markets. These markets are open all day long.
◎The Hsingong fishing port has been expanded into an Ocean Farm. We suggest that you visit it with tourist guide.
  ◎Both OceanBUS and Kaohsiung Transportation Co. buses take the Tai-17 route and stops at Mituo.
◎Drive along the Chungshan Freeway. Exit from the Gongshan exchange. Take route 186 until you hit the Chieshou Road. Drive straight ahead along the road, and then turn to the Tai-19 route. You will get to Mituo shortly.
◎Drive along the Chungshan Freeway and exit from the Luchu exchange. Take route 184 until you hit the Tai-17 route. Drive straight ahead along it, and you will get to Mituo shortly.
The Tai-17 route connects Mituo to the outer world. Mass passenger transportation is quite convenient. But it would be ideal if you drove a car and looked around Mituo.
  All the tourist spots in the suggested route have parking lots for cars and buses.
◆Other reminders
  Mituo and the adjacent townships make up a zone of oceanic culture. The township governments and Fishers’ Associations there hold large-scale oceanic cultural activities on an annual basis. There are Mituo’s “Milkfish Cultural Festival” in Mituo, Yong-an’s “Grouper Cultural Festival” and the “Mullet Cultural Festival” in Chietin and Ziguan.
Refer to information in the websites or call up the township governments or fishers’ associations.

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