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  Category: Tourist leisure industry
 The Mituo authorities mapped out “hope projects” for upgrading its tourist industry. One of the plans was reconstructing a Farmers’ Association granary into the cultural leisure park.
 Hardware is on the whole completed. There is a tourist center that provides tourist guide and consultation, information on the local specialties and elementary medical aid. It also books board and lodging for you if you want.
 There are two exhibition areas. The Agricultural & Fishery Hall displays ancient farming utensils such as bailing buckets, shoulder poles, coir raincoats and dustpans. The Hall also display festival utensils like the chops for stamping red turtle-shaped cakes.
 In the fishing outfits section, you see bamboo fish traps. There are also bamboo baskets of different sizes and shapes, containing young fish, mature fish and crabs respectively.
 On the other hand, the Niaosung Culture Hall displays remains digged out of Mount Tahti.

●Niaosung Cultural Museum
 The “Niaosung cultural layer” in Mount Tahti has been unveiled. It is a living teaching material. Over the past decades, stone knives, axes, pieces of jars and pots, ornaments, bracelets, black pottery, Chinese ware, terra cotta, spindles and other relics have been digged out. Scholars estimate that Pingpu tribes started the Niaosung culture two thousand years ago and maintained it for six decades.
Address: 2 Chunghwa Road, Mituo Township
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