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  The Nanliao Fishing port
   Designers began to execute investigations and draw up plans for the Nanliao fishing port in 1981. Two years later, final plans were mapped out and the construction project broke ground.
 The port has a 4.52-hectare berth and a 946-meter-long dock. In the inshore fishing port, medium-sized and small fishing crafts scoop marine products. You see single-boat trawlers, pair trawlers, shrimp trawlers, long-liners and small mobile raft boats.

●Holiday fish market
 Fishing crafts launch forth from the Nanliao port in the afternoon. In the early morning of the next day, trawlers and boats return and sell the catch. The Nanliao harbor market is clean and free from the greasy and fishy smell you confront in ordinary fish harbors.
 With a view of developing tourist fishery, the authorities are drawing plans to set up a yacht wharf here. They will also integrate the port and the auction place into a “holiday fish market”.  
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