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  The Wu family’s swallow-tailed ancient house
  Historical background
 Wanna see how the town developed? Take a look at the three-century-old residence of the Wu family. There are a crowd of ancient, traditional buildings in the neighborhood.
 In 1653, a 14-year-old boy called Wu Shou left the Changchou County of the Fukien Province and settled down in Mituo. He was the founder of the Wu family, which has lasted to the 14th generation on the island now.
 The third generation built a rectangular compound, with two courtyards and three horizontal rows of rooms.
 The compound is a well-kept century-old building of bricks and tiles. The hall is the center of the quadrangle. According to their ranks in the family tree, family members lived in sequence from left to right, from the front row, middle row, back row, the left wing to the right wing.
 The swallow-tailed ridges on the roofs have graceful upward curves and crotched tails. You feel that the ridges are soaring into the sky.
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