Kao, Wen-liang
Chang, Ming-so
Chang, Wan
Chai, Lung-shi
Chen, Chao-fu
Hsu, Fu-non
Chang, Suei
Sung, Chi-mu
Lee, Bing-chang
Wu, Chin-seng
Sung, Ching
Hsu, Fu-chu
Lee, Wu-nan

Chen, Wang-chang
Lin, Ching-yee
  Lee, Wu-nan
 Lee was born in 1941 in the Yencheng village. Having graduated from the Department in of Agriculture Extension of Taiwan University, Lee worked for 23 years in the Mituo Farmers’ Association.
 While he was the general secretary of the Farmers’ Association, Lee executed a ten-year project intended to develop the Tahti village into a exemplary agricultural village. He also promoted the “I love Wen-an” campaign for modernizing the village.
 He was awarded the “Golden Harvest” prize and was selected as one of the “Ten Outstanding Persons in Agriculture Extension”.
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