Kao, Wen-liang
Chang, Ming-so
Chang, Wan
Chai, Lung-shi
Chen, Chao-fu
Hsu, Fu-non
Chang, Suei
Sung, Chi-mu
Lee, Bing-chang
Wu, Chin-seng
Sung, Ching
Hsu, Fu-chu
Lee, Wu-nan

Chen, Wang-chang
Lin, Ching-yee
  Chen, Wang-chang
 Chen was born in 1949 in the Mituo village. His parents lived on weaving straw mats. In 1972, he purchased two sets of old mat-weaving machines gear and imported from Japan a set of machinery manufactured by Sanchi Corporation.
 Chen studied the new set and repaired the old ones. He had straw mats churned out in volume and sold them on his own. From 1989, as the market of straw mats shrank, Chen began to emphasize on bamboo mats. But he is more than happy to supply straw mats, once anybody places an order.
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