Kao, Wen-liang
Chang, Ming-so
Chang, Wan
Chai, Lung-shi
Chen, Chao-fu
Hsu, Fu-non
Chang, Suei
Sung, Chi-mu
Lee, Bing-chang
Wu, Chin-seng
Sung, Ching
Hsu, Fu-chu
Lee, Wu-nan

Chen, Wang-chang
Lin, Ching-yee
  Chang, Ming-so
 Chang was born in 1903 in the Mituo village. From 1921, he learned to perform shadow shows and play musical instruments. He studied after various artists including Wu Tian-lai, Lee Kan, Wu Tah-to and Chang Chu.
 Chang used family members and founded the Hsinhsing troupe. Hsinhsing won popularity during the Japanese reign and later on developed into the Fuhsingko troupe. He was not only an artist but also a chef and a master of Chinese Kungfu. In 1941, Chang handed down the performing skills to Hsu, Fu-non.
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