Kao, Wen-liang
Chang, Ming-so
Chang, Wan
Chai, Lung-shi
Chen, Chao-fu
Hsu, Fu-non
Chang, Suei
Sung, Chi-mu
Lee, Bing-chang
Wu, Chin-seng
Sung, Ching
Hsu, Fu-chu
Lee, Wu-nan

Chen, Wang-chang
Lin, Ching-yee
  Chen, Chao-fu
 Chen was born in 1906 in the Mituo village. He was elected the village master for a couple of terms. He also helped fellow villagers with Chinese manipulation. They called the helpful person “Cousin Fish Ball”, now that he sold fish balls in the outdoor food market.  
 The “Cousin Fish Ball” developed into a half-century-old fish ball store. The noodles and rice noodles with fish balls turned out to be the most characteristic repast in Mituo.
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