Kao, Wen-liang
Chang, Ming-so
Chang, Wan
Chai, Lung-shi
Chen, Chao-fu
Hsu, Fu-non
Chang, Suei
Sung, Chi-mu
Lee, Bing-chang
Wu, Chin-seng
Sung, Ching
Hsu, Fu-chu
Lee, Wu-nan

Chen, Wang-chang
Lin, Ching-yee
  Hsu, Fu-non
 Hsu was born in 1923 in the Yencheng village. He had just begun to learn the performing skills from Chang, Ming-so in 1941, when he was drafted into military service. Hsu returned home two years later and resumed learning.
 Hsu married Chang Ming-so’s daughter and inherited the Fuhsingko troupe. Hsu turned out to be the winner of the island’s shadow show contest and a master of the art. He performed lyric shows best, reading the lines with aroma and singing with a sad, touching voice. The roles and their personalities are displayed in depth.
 Hsu performed shadow plays for six decades with zeal. Besides teaching the Fuhsingko troupe, he went to colleges, middle and primary schools and all sorts of groups. Whenever and wherever people are interested, he taught them to produce puppets and perform the play.
   He also led the Fuhsingko troupe to perform in North America and Europe, whenever and wherever people were interested. Some French people flew to Mituo for learning to perform the show.
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