Forbidding topography at Mount Leiti
Plant ecology
Fish pools & swamps
Names: Kao-Ping Plain, Tahti Salse
Categories: Alluvial plain, salse

 The Mituo township is in the northwest of the Kao-Ping Plain, confronting the Taiwan Strait on the west. Beyond the Akungtien Stream on the north, there is the Yong-an township. Beyond Mount Tahti and the hillside fields on the south, there is the Ziguan township. Look beyond the Gongshan Airport on the east, you see the Gongshan township.
 Mituo is a triangular plain, with the only exception of Mount Tahti in the southeast. The body of Mount Tahti has a diameter of 900 to 1,000 meters, a girth of about 3,000 meters and an indicated altitude of 53 meters. These make up the largest salse on the island.
 The rest areas of Mituo are flat, not more than 10 meters in elevation and of 15% or smaller gradients. The neighboring seabed is also flat, having a gradient of about 1:50. Gentle surfs “walk” from the shallow zone to the beach.
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