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◆Special Books
Story of Plants
by Zheng, Uan-Zhun and Chi, Zhen-Cong, printed by National Taiwan Museum, 1987.
Handbook of Traditional Architecture
by Lin, Hui-Cheng, Artist Publishing Co., 1989.
Chronicle for Taiwan’s Name of Place in Five Volumes: Gaoxiong County
by U, Jin-Xi, Sh, Tian-Fu, Taiwan Province Archives Council, 1990.
Chronicle of Feng Shan County
by Chen,Uen-Da, Taiwan Province Archives Council, 1993.
Historical Chronicle of Mituo
by Sun, Zh-Mu, July 1994.
Map to Enjoy the Sight of Birds in Taiwan
by U, Zun-Xian and Xu, Uei-Bin, published by Big Tree Culture Publishing Co., April 1995.
Popular Herbs
by Zheng, Zh-Lin, Zheng, Uan-Xing and Zheng, Uan-Chun, National Taiwan Museum, June 1996.
An Introduction for Taiwan’s Architectural History
by Li, Qian-Lang, Yu Shan Publishing Co., 1996.
Chronicle of Mituo County
by U, Jian-San, edited and printed by Mituo County Office, Dec. 1997.
The Developmental History for Villages in Gaoxiong County
by U, Jin-Xi, Sh, Tian-Fu, published by Gaoxiong County Government, 1997.
History of Land Development in Gaoxiong County
by Uen, Zhen-Hua, Gaoxiong County Government, 1998.
Research Report for Five Troupes of Shadow Play in Gaoxiong County
by Chen, I-Hua, Lu, Ian-Guang, Gaoxiong County Cultural Center, 1999.
Explanations of Trees in Taiwan
by Lu, Fu-Uan and Ou, Chen-Xiong, published by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Dec. 2000.
Shadow Play in Taiwan
Qiu, I-fENG, Cheng Xing Publishing Co., March 2003
A Talk of Research Value on Cultural Artifacts for Chai, Long-Xi Shadow Play
by Sh, Guang-Sheng, “Essay Collection for 1998 Traditional Art Seminar”, Taipei: Preparatory Department of National Traditional Art center, June 1998.
A Talk on Mituo County’s Rise and Fall in History from Two Stone Tablets
by Jian, Jiong-Ren, “Taiwan’s Customs and Practices”, the 3rd volume, the edition forty-eight.
Taiwan’s Shadow Play Development
by Lu, Su-Shang, “Taiwan’s Customs and Practices>, the 17th volume, the edition three, June 1967.
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Kaohsiung Shadow Play Museum
Fisheries Research Institute
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