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  Category: Traditional drama

 Mituo is where Taiwan’s shadow show originated. The township is nicknamed “Cave of the Shadow Show”. According to aged performers, there were hundreds of shadow show teams on the island a century ago, before and after the Republic of China was borne. They concentrated in Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingtung in south Taiwan.

 Now, there are only five teams in Kaohsiung: Donghua and Hohsing in Tasher, Futer in Gongshan and Yonghsinglo and Fushingko in Mituo.
 Yonghsinglo and Fushingko have maintained Mituo’s strategic position in the shadow show. The educational authorities in Mituo also intend to hand down the traditional art. All the junior high and primary school students are taught to perform the show. Mituo Primary School members are particularly interested; they founded a shadow show team.  
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