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  Tingchuo leaf hats
  Category: Handicraft
 The leaf hats out of the Tingchuo (today’s Tahti) village over the past century are numerous enough to cover the entire island.
 Farmers and fishermen in Tingchuo braided leaf hats during off-seasons as an income-earning sideline. The hats gained increasing popularity. Then, the industry entered its full-bloom period between the years of 1970 and 1985, outputting 0.6 million or more leaf hats a year.
 While the high school graduates received initial military training in Mount Success, they consumed 20,000 Tingchuo leaf hats annually. There were industry leaders Sun Ching, Sun Chien and Sun Weng, along with various industry followers.
 As the living style changed, leaf hat market dropped drastically. Nowadays, nobody except Sun Ching and his wife braid leaf hats. They do this during their leisure time as a hobby. The annual output is less than a thousand hats.
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