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  Category: Handicraft
 You get different soya sauces out of south and central Taiwan. The southern areas produce soya sauce out of soy beans, which is more greasy and nutritious. The central areas, black soy beans that is more savory.
 The Kuechiahsiang Soya Sauce Shop is almost half century old. According to the second-generation person in charge Wu, Chungmong, only the masters in the soya sauce industry know how to produce soya paste.
 Soya beans ferment into soya paste. The extent of fermentation varies each time, so the result is sometimes thicker and sometimes thinner. A veteran’s experience tells him how much rice milk he should fill into the soya paste, so that it can become as thick as it should be. If he adds in too much rice milk, the entire bucket of paste turns into soya jelly. Machines are unable to make a correct judgment on this occasion.
 The worker must be very nimble. He should add rice milk into the soya paste and fill the paste into glass jars while it is hot. When the glass jars are filled, the worker puts them through the process of high-temperature sterilization. All these add up into a complicated, time-consuming process of manual operation.
 Mituo soya sauce is primarily targeted at the restaurants and stands in Kaohsiung City and County. Its selling niche is expertise and quality, although the prices are higher than what the Pingtung competition offers.
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