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  Category: Planting of vegetables
 According to statistics in the year of 2000, the Mituo township had 385.66 hectares of cultivated land. At that time, 1,083 families had tillage and six families had none.
 There were 1,083 families dedicated in agriculture. Out of them 538 families cultivated rice, 93 families cultivated food grains, 83 families cultivated economical crops, 209 families planted vegetables, 63 families planted fruit trees, two families planted sugarcane and three families planted flowers. Nobody cultivated edible mushrooms or other crops.
 In Mituo, 2049 male and 1289 female inhabitants were cultivating their own lands, during the time of survey.
 At present, 60-strong hectares of Mituo farmland is used to grow vegetables. A part of it grows organic vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, rape, water spinach, Chinese broccoli and Chinese mustard.
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