Milkfish Festival
Lantern Festival
  The Milkfish Festiva
   Mituo has been known for milkfish. In the fish farms along the seashore, ticktacking motors splash beautiful ripples and prosperity for the fishing villages. The township government has arranged a series of Milkfish Festival activities since 1999. 
 From 2002, the Festival campaign expanded. The central activity is a milkfish dinner. Around it, there are a sketching contest, a promotion for local culture, art and industries, an exhibition of ancient farming utensils and fishing gears as well as a show of traditional arts. All these activities are designed with a view to presenting the culture, society, industries and economy of the township in an integral style.
 The Kaohsiung county encourages each township to present one special product. To that purpose, Mituo founded a leisure museum highlighting milkfish.
 But Mituo does not only have milkfish. During the seven-day Festival campaign in 2003, a guide called “cultural train” also introduced other cultural treasures such as leaf hats, straw mats, soy-bean sauce and shadow plays. Visitors came to learn Mituo’s diversified cultural treasures. And we hope to show the younger Mituo generation what their forefathers have handed down.   
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