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Military blockhouses
  Defense installations
  Historical background
   The Mituo plain sits on the southwest coast and surrounds the Gongshan Air Force airport. It has been a strategic military point since the Ching Dynasty. The army has been stationed at Mount Tahti, looking down at the coast.
   There used to be a lot of trench warfare and foxholes around Mount Tahti, most densely between the hills and the coast. Almost all of them were abolished and covered up as the land was exploited for agricultural, aquacultural or commercial purposes.
   There are only ten defense installations in Mituo now. In the Tahti village, there are a fort and a coast-defense machine gun battery. The Miren and Miching villages have an air-raid shelter each. In Yencheng, there are an antiaircraft machine gun casemate and a seaside fort. In Kuangho, there is a fort.
   The Yencheng casemate is the most representative among them. The two-story-high rounded tower remains intact. With sturdy walls and shooting holes on all four sides, the silent giant is ready to cover up the warriors and the village.
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