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Milkfish balls
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  Type of Industry: Pisciculture
Name of Product: Milkfish
 Fish farm along the coast of Mituo County covers the breeding area in 600 hectares, among which the area for breeding milkfish to be up to more than 300 hectares with an annual capacity in 6 million kilograms, that makes Gaoxiong County the major locality for milkfish. Thanks to the incessant improvement of breeding technology along with the good water and soil, Mituo County has become the homeland to breed high quality of milkfish, making the fish not only characterized its fresh and dainty meat and abundant quantity but also leading its quality to earn the fame.
 One whole milkfish is rich in its economic and nutritional value with the meat can be made into the fish ball and fish fiber as well as its skin to be perfect for cooking soup and its bone to be ideal for making consommé, thus making its “High and complete use value”. In addition to earning favor and praise from consumers in southern Taiwan, the supply of Milkfish ball from Mituo County in the market is further expanded to both central and northern Taiwan.
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