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  Milkfish Ball
  Type of Industry: Pisciculture (Handiwork)
Name of Product: Milkfish Ball

 The production of milkfish ball for Mituo County starts in 1970s when the breeding technology for the fish was enhanced. As its all-year round production, the consumption for milkfish was popular. With the large quantity of dorsal meat left after the fish being processed, foods traders for milkfish ball decided to innovate by working at processing the dorsal part to produce it into fish ball.

 Food traders in Mituo County producing the milkfish ball insist that material to product fish ball is dorsal meat which is characterized with its clean tissue that brings out its flavor and daintiness, crispness and unique chewing taste in particular, that not only makes the fish ball not change its original flavor after being frozen but also leads it enjoying its unique taste.  
 At present, there are three renowned old shops such as Xing I Fish Ball, Zhang Uen Shan Fish Ball, Tung’s Fish Ball specializing in producing milkfish ball, while Tong’s Fish Ball Shop is one fifty-year old shop which has been operated through three generations.  

* Zhang Uen Shan Fish Ball:

No. 6, North Lane, Ian Gng 2nd Rd., Guo Gng Cun, Mituo County, Gaoxiong County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel.: 07-6171693
* Xing I Fish Ball / Xie, Sheng-Bao:
No. 332, Zhong Zheng Rd., Mituo County, Gaoxiong County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel.: 07-6191138, 6191238
* Tong’s Fish Ball / Chen, Zong-Ue:
No. 80, Zhong Zheng Rd., MituoCounty Gaoxiong County, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel.: 07-6102918
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